Friday, March 12, 2010

What Do Men Like in a Woman? 3 Signs to Pay Attention To By Tina L. Jones

What are the qualities that attractive women have that unlucky women seem to lack? Is there any way to learn these qualities, or are some women just born with it? To answer the common "what do men like in a woman" question, it may be easier to find out by asking what men DON'T like in women!

#1 - First, men don't like needy women. Remember that most of the "real" men out there have met many women in the past, and if they feel you're a little too eager to get into a relationship, they'll naturally feel disgusted -- and they'll definitely find ways to stay away from you.

#2 - Second, men don't like it if you have to pretend. The better men out there are looking for women who would make great "wife" and "mother" material -- and if you have to fake it, chances are you won't make it!

#3 - Finally, what do men like in a woman? Definitely you'll have to be someone who makes the relationship a fun and exciting place to be. Too many women expect their men to make them happy, not realizing that it takes two people to make any relationship work.

What do men like in a woman? It's basically her ability to keep her own life in line. If a woman is in total control of her life, then she's much more likely to be a great partner. It's a tall order for most of us, but with the right kinds of help and direction, it's always possible to become more attractive in a man's eyes.

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