Friday, May 21, 2010

8 Things to Do to Find Love By Oni Adeyemi

- Reason for finding love- An individual must love himself for him to find love. You cannot give what you do not have. Love is sharing. You must love someone for them to love you back. Having the right reasons to fall in love goes a long way in finding the right person. You cannot just wake up one day and decide to pick someone to spend the rest of your life with without having a genuine reason of why would you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. Having a right frame of mind means you will get someone who will love you for who you are and you will surely reciprocate.

- Relating with the right set of people:- "like minds think alike". That was a saying I grew up to know but now I am old enough to appreciate that saying. Relating with people is now diverse thanks to technology, people relate via internet, mobile phones etc. Assuming you intend relating and all you browse is adult sites. Definitely, you are relating in a wrong place.

- Physical Attraction (WYSIWYG):- means what you see is what you get. Connecting with someone requires you to be attracted to the person. I am not talking about vague or vain type of attraction but the innate attraction that radiates the latent beauty of each individual. A bonding or connection that does not come from physical contact but from emotions.

- Likes and Dislikes:-Communication goes a long way in bridging separate individuals into a cocoon or niche they created for themselves. Separate entities mean different personalities and perspectives. Finding out each others likes and dislikes makes you appreciate each other and respect one another. Abiding by each others rules and regulations and making compromises in diverse situations will give you fortitude.

- Common Interests:-It is a question of where do we stand. A common ground must have been created between you two. Life can be beautiful so also life can be cruel because it depends on who was beside you when you were facing the challenges of life. Believe me; everyone has to face a challenge or two in his lifetime. The period might pass away quickly if the challenge was faced as a team than as an individual. Common interests mean what we do share as partners. There are many things that could be shared among lovers. It has to start with the greatest gifts of life which are free:


Loving each other without holding back goes a long way in having common interests. Family:- gaining acceptance of both family uniting gives a sense of belonging. Sense of belonging goes a long way in determining whether you live a life of depression and loneliness or not.

- Aims and Objectives:- Now you have a relationship but you also have a lifetime job of making the relationship work. Relationship is not just a word but an entity that needs nurturing. Having mutual goals as a team will make way for you when things seem rough. Deciding as partners to make each other happy daily is a goal that could be achieved.

- Source of income:-Money is not unimportant in a union. There are basic needs which can only be acquired by money; you do not expect a starving individual to have any other thoughts except to satiate the hunger. Income is just necessary oil for the machine called relationship.

- The right choice:-There is absolutely no such thing called the "right choice" because i can prove beyond reasonable doubt that if every individual is asked to list all they want in their partners and asked after they have partners what their partners have. There will be a lot of discrepancies between the list and the real partner they have. The right choice is someone you can easily overlook his inadequacies without a second thought.

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