Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Answer Relationship Questions

The way you answer relationship questions on your first date will talk for itself whether the guy will call you for another date or not. You can create a good first impression by the way you answer those relationship questions. A man will keep on wanting to know more if you keep the conversation interesting.

• When answering to any of your man's relationship questions, keep eye contact to show some confidence in yourself. Be a woman that seems to know what you want even if you're nervous inside. In this way, he'll start imagining what more you can offer.

• If a man asks you about your life. For example; what you do for a living. It's not time to tell him exactly what you're doing. Bear in mind that you've just met and you have no idea what kind of a woman he's looking for. I'm not saying that you should now lie about what you actually do for your living. The idea is to keep him guessing and not getting everything at once so that he can come back for more. Add some flavor to how you answer these relationship questions. Men want something intriguing. Like, what do you think I do? Instead of telling him about how hectic it is to work as a personal assistant and how you dislike your boss.

• The success to answering relationship questions is in the way you handle yourself around him. You're not only going to be answering his questions but you may through in yours too. Keep your cool. There's nothing to stress about. The moment you do this, all your confidence will be gone and you'll struggle so much to say what you want. Enjoy every moment together. Have some fun so that you meet again with more fun stuff this time.


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