Friday, September 18, 2009

Get Your Ex Back! How to Bring Out Those Dormant and "Hidden" Feelings That Your Ex Has For You

It's been six months after your break up yet you still find it hard to look for someone new. After months of being loveless, you realize that you are still in love with your ex and you want him badly. You asked your friends about your ex and you've found out that your ex hasn't dated anyone else yet. Your heart pounded because you're thinking that your ex still might have feelings for you too. Find out how to bring out the feelings.

Call your ex. The best way to start getting your ex back is to bring back the communication, so it would help if you will call your ex. Ask your ex about his current situation and try to squeeze out information as much as you can but don't make it appear like you're investigating. Observe some hints that your ex is still interested in you.

Invite your ex for a simple dinner. After you've brought the communication back, it would help if you will initiate to invite your ex for a simple dinner. Make it a point that your ex will not turn down the offer, so it would be nicer to invite your ex in his free days. During the dinner, talk about the happy moments during your relationship and give simple but not obvious comments about how you want those moments back. Don't just be contented with one dinner; it would be best if you will frequently invite your ex for dinner.

Once you have dated with your ex several times and you feel that you are already at ease with asking him about the relationship again, then it would help if you will be frank enough to ask your ex about his opinion in giving the relationship a second chance. If your ex agrees, then it's your chance to compensate for your shortcomings before and change for the better.

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